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Health Anxiety (and OCD-related) Treatment and Support Services

At Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta, we offer a variety of health anxiety, anxiety, and OCD-related group-based services for all ages, including free support groups for anyone in the U.S. (over zoom) and low-cost treatment services throughout the year. Our groups include services for parents/caregivers who support children, teens, and young adults battling OCD/health anxiety, and loved ones and romantic partner in relationships with someone battling OCD & health anxiety. We also offer specific support and treatment groups for those with lived experience who battle health anxiety and OCD. Here you will find our current group options, as well as ones that we offer periodically.

Monthly Health Anxiety Support Group (Free)

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Monthly (Free) Support Group for Spouse/Romantic Partner Health Anxiety/OCD Sufferers (Mondays)

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Monthly (Free) Support Group for Spouses/Romantic Partner Health Anxiety/OCD Sufferers (Thursdays)

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Health Anxiety/OCD 8 Session Treatment Group (Adults)

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Monthly (Free) Support Group for Parents/Caregivers of Health Anxiety/OCD Sufferers

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Over the last decade, Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta (ASoA) has built a Center of Excellence focused on educating and treating all aspects of OCD and health anxiety. In 2023, ASoA became an official institution affiliate of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) given the breadth and depth of clinical services specifically focused on treating OCD and related disorders. They are recognized as ASoA’s brand of clinical care that emphasizes the science of anxiety treatment, along with a compassionate, interactive, and highly engaging treatment approach to help children, adolescents, adults, and their loved ones.

With the release of the book, “The Complete Guide to Overcoming Health Anxiety, Living Life to the Fullest Because You’re Not Dead (Yet),” Dr. Josh Spitalnick and Michael Stier, LCPC are expanding the reach of their training and consultation services. Doing so aligns with the mission of the book and the mission of Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta (ASoA), actively remaining dedicated to increasing the availability, accessibility, and affordability of evidence-based practices, mental health outreach, and advocacy.

So, if you want to tackle your most challenging cases with individualized, expert guidance, from assessment and psychoeducation to case formulation and treatment planning, come learn with Dr. Josh Spitalnick and Micheal Stier, LCPC. Consultations, curriculum, and training are customized for your needs. Consultations are offered in single meeting formats (i.e., one-on-one) and/or a pre-determined series of four meetings (one-on-one or small group formats).

If you are a licensed mental health provider looking for support and guidance related to clients battling health anxiety and related OCD issues, Dr. Josh Spitalnick and Michael Stier, LCPC offers 1:1 and group-based clinical training specifically be incorporating CBT, ERP/Exposure Therapy, ACT, and Inference-Based CBT.

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This website is an online resource designed to empower you on your personal growth journey to overcome health anxiety. Online resources can provide valuable insights, practical tips, and motivation for positive change. However, it’s important to acknowledge their limitations. This website is not a substitute for professional psychological services, nor is it designed to assess or diagnose your particular situation. While the guidance and recommendations within this site can offer support, practical exercises, and encouragement, it may not address your specific circumstances or replace the expertise of trained professionals. Mental health issues are complex and multifaceted, requiring personalized, evidence-based interventions tailored to individual needs. If you find yourself struggling with persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, or any other mental health concern, we urge you to seek help from a licensed mental health professional. Your mental health is a priority.

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